What is Plus500 ?

plus500Plus500UK Ltd is a UK-based corporation, which operates an online trading platform for private customers for trading in contracts for differences on the financial markets.

A CFD (Contract for Difference; abbreviation: CFD) is a leveraged product

CFDs are highly speculative investments. The customer can benefit from rising or falling prices of stocks, commodities, bonds, exchange rates and indexes disproportionally.

Decisive for the customer is not the price of a system, but the margin. If this is 5 percent is the lever 20 will rise or fall of the price of the underlying of one percent, will rise or fall of the value of the CFD accordingly by 20 percent. This leverage works both ways.

Whoever acts with CFDs, must be able to assess how the underlying evolved. This should be easier to default values, such as shares of the DAX as with unknown values. Appropriate indices DAX, Euro Stoxx, FTSE 100, CAC 40 or the Nikkei For starters. When it comes to raw materials, you should act early with gold or oil.

If you are a beginner m the trading of CFDs, you should start with the smallest possible lever. The size of each position in terms of available capital should not be too large.

Another special feature of CFDs is the funding obligation. Losing the customer more money than he in the account, he has to pay extra. Otherwise, the position is closed.

The trading platform is one of several operating systems (Windows, smartphones (iOS and Android) and tablet (iOS and Android)) and directly accessible via the web browser.

Do I need previous experience?

They act there with money. The risk should be aware of you.
Some previous experience is required.

Why should I join Plus500?

If you are still unsure, you can open a free demo account and look at it all alone.

You will also receive current as a new customer bonus of 25 €! A deposit from you is not required!
Other bonuses can be obtained from certain minimum payments.

Finally, the benefits at a glance:

1. Intuitive-to-use trading platform
2. Demo Account for free indefinitely
3. The minimum deposit size is only 100 Euro
4. platform for learning German Securities Trading available for free
5. Almost 50 currency pairs are tradable

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